Qt3 Movie Podcast: Immortals

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Tarsem, the director of The Cell and The Fall, needed all three of his names to make Immortals, his first movie without a definite article. Our opinions are divided on how well that worked out. In the above shot, Immortals would be the guy on the right in the funny hat. Tom is yelling and snapping a fire whip at it. Dingus is to the far left, enthralled and wearing a princess costume because he will mention Tangled at least once on this podcast. Kellywand is crouched indecisively between them. We aren’t sure who that fourth guy is, the one over there with Dingus. He can be you, the listener.

This week’s 3×3 is hero survival rip-offs. You know those moments when the hero totally should have died, but didn’t? That’s what these are. Join us for the discussion around about the 1:20:00 mark.

Up next week: Martha Marcy May Marlene