Weekly Little Big Planet: repeat offender

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The designer titles these levels with chapter numbers, and it’s best to honor this labeling scheme, for if you view them as sequels you’ll be disappointed. If you look at them as chapters, however, excitement can only follow.

A few weeks ago The Thief (Chapter 1) introduced me to a neat little LBP world. While the gameplay wasn’t particularly challenging, I loved moving through that world and was excited when I came to the end and found that the designer was not only promising more chapters, but actively working on them. This week’s featured levels are chapters two and three of The Thief community level series. Playing them is like getting to read a serialized novel, which is something I have not done since The Green Mile and The Thief makes me miss it. There’s something about wandering into a story as it is being created, and parceled out, that is infinitely appealing.

To be fair, the two chapters probably should have been a single level. The Thief Chp. 2 can barely stand on its own. But I like what the designer, ALADCV, is going for, and I love the atmosphere he is creating and the promise that attends it. I would like for him to settle on a format for his level titles, though, and it’s time for some variation in the music. Regardless, I sincerely hope he continues with this as a series. I don’t need more sequels in my life, but extra chapters are always welcome.

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