Bear Simulator because why not?

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The internet seems to be in love with Goat Simulator, but is there room in people’s hearts for Bear Simulator? Farjay Studios hopes so. They’re making a Bear Simulator game. Right now, it’s just a Kickstarter project, but if people are willing to play a digital goat surely they will want to be a virtual bear! Rawrrr! Bears have claws!

The title gives you all you need to know as it’s pretty much a bear simulator. You play in FPB (First Person Bear) and do bear things which include exploring, eating fish and plants, striking down anything that dare stand before your might, increasing your stats, sleeping and discovering mysteries of your forest home.

Kickstarter pledge rewards include collectible rocks, a “mystic bear” skin, and an in-game virtual art museum that will be located on a separate Kickstarter Island to keep immersion-breaking features out of the main game. Also, the game will have mountian goats. Boom! That’s for you Goat Simulator fans!