Capcom will sell you cheat codes for the low low price of $5

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The latest $2 costume pack for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record lets you dress up as a fireman with a bitchin’ mustache. But Capcom isn’t content to stop there. They also offer a $5 “Gamebreaker Pack”:

Ever wanted to create indestructible combo weapons, have access to infinite ammo, and manipulate the in game clock? Well these are just a few of the things you will be able to do thanks to the Gamebreaker pack, available for 400MPs or $4.99.
Other features include:
Instant [experience points]
God Mode
Super damage
Super speed
Big head mode
Body builder mode
Dumb zombies
Flat Frank
Giant hands
Cinema filters
And more

Oh, Capcom. You make it so easy to hate you.