Have you seen 4000 missing Microsoft space bucks on Xbox Live?

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Since I’ve been hitting my internet connection hard and heavy with some serious Battlefield 3, I didn’t think anything of another connection problem when I tried to log in to Xbox Live. I got some odd message about my profile being locked and needing to recover it. Whatever. Sounded pretty straightforward once I found the “recover profile” option. It took a while. I just played a few rounds of Battlefield 3.

So I eventually get back onto Xbox Live and, being a wanna-be Batman nerd, I head over to buy the Nightwing DLC for Arkham City. But for some reason, the 4000+ Microsoft spacebucks I had in my account are listed as 120 points. What? A quick check of my purchase history reveals that earlier today I tapped out my account by purchasing NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, the Gears of War 3 Season Pass, the Horde Command Pack, the Retro Lancer Launch Collection Weapon Skin Set, and Bastion. Except, of course, that I didn’t. But I applaud my thief’s choice of Bastion. That’s a seriously great game.

Anyway, here’s hoping Microsoft’s spacebuck theft department is more efficient than their broken Xbox department, which has repeatedly been a thorn in my side. I understand that Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged any widespread hacking issues, so as with my broken Xbox 360s, I appear to have been that one in a million guy. Again. I should play the lottery.