Battlefield 3 cusses like a soldier

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One of the Battlefield servers I frequent is hosted by the [ISI] Christian Clan. I figure religious folks are more inclined to good sportsmanship. For instance, I accidentally team-killed someone on a non-religious server and was told “thanks for the tk nigger”. I had even typed “sry”. Sometimes friendly fire isn’t.

But the [ISI] Christian Clan server runs a looping message that reads, “Please watch your language, as we do not give warnings”. Which is fine by me. I don’t really cuss around folks I don’t know. The server also loops a verse from Proverbs, but it’s a good one that even a Buddhist or Muslim could dig on: “As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another”. In other words, it’s more fun to play with people who don’t type “thanks for the tk nigger”.

Is it bad that I find some of the contextual dialogue particularly hilarious on this server? When you’re playing the Americans and squad members are getting killed or taking damage, they will scream “I’m getting my shit pushed in!” or “We’re really getting fucked in the ass over here!” I love the voice acting in these games, and I support making it as gritty it needs to be. Let’s get all Generation Kill up in here! But on this server, when they say those things, I put my fingertips over my pursed lips and give a wide-eyed Church Lady take to the camera.