October 17, 2011: wallet threat level dark blue

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I suspect this will be known as the week Batman: Arkham City came out. But don’t forget that it’s also the week the surprisingly good Dungeon Defenders came out. Not since Renegade Ops has such a great game with such excellent multiplayer support and such long legs at such a low price had such a terrible name. That’s a lot to parse, so suffice to say Dungeon Defenders is easily one of the best tower defense games you can play.

Speaking of Renegade Ops, Sega promises that it’s finally coming out for the PC this week. Sony also promises that Payday: The Heist will finally come out this week. Sony also hopes to release Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One this week. Ubisoft hopes you’d rather learn to play a real guitar instead of playing Rock Band, hence this week’s Rocksmith.

Finally, there’s a new Professor Layton game out for the Nintendo DS, but how can there be any puzzles left after the previous Professor Laytons? Seriously, how many variations can you come up with on getting a chicken and a bag of grain across the river with one boat? From here on out, it’s got to be all mazes and sliding tile puzzles, right?