October 10, 2011: wallet threat level Cookie Monster blue and Aliens green

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If you have small children and a Kinect, two things that aren’t conducive to videogaming as we know it, this is your lucky week. Doublefine’s Sesame Street game, Once Upon a Monster, is out this week.

Aliens: Infestation for the Nintendo DS is a 2D game in the tradition of the Castlevania/Metroid games, set aboard the Sulaco immediately following the events of the movie Aliens. As you explore, your squad of Colonial Marines will have to contend with a permadeath mechanic that also ties into the aliens’ lifecycle. Will we see the most meaningful chestburster gameplay since the multiplayer in Monolith’s Aliens vs. Predator 2? Based on what I’ve heard about Aliens: Infestation, Sega seems to be sitting on something special.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record marks the re-return of Frank West and his camera, after the disappointing Case West add-on. Do I really want to play revisit the same area I’ve already played through a couple of times in Dead Rising 2? And hasn’t the meaty combat in Dead Island upstaged Dead Rising’s inconsequential zombie mowing? Will Off the Record’s sandbox mode be enough to sustain another trip through Fortune City?

Heroes of Might and Magic V is out this week. Oops, I meant VI. Heroes of Might and Magic VI. I’m sure they’re totally different games. Another totally different game is Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, which is the technical title of Ace Combat 15. I’m not exaggerating. There have been 14 Ace Combat games. Number 15 is out this week.

If you turn your nose up at console games and therefore missed Renegade Ops, now you can get Avalanche Studios’ superlative vehicular mayhem RPG for the PC. It will be available on Steam, with a Gordon Freeman buggy thrown in for good measure.

Finally, Forza 4 is out for those who want to use the Kinect to look at their cars in the new Kinect-driven “autovista” mode. Well, some of their cars. Kinectlook is only supported on certain cars. But I’ve been told you can also race in Forza 4, so keep an eye out for that if you’ve exhausted your copy of Shift 2.