Qt3 Podcast: Space Pirates and Zombies

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Andrew Hume and Richard Clifford, the creators of Space Pirates and Zombies, detail the touch-and-go nature of its development, the inspiration for some of the ships, the pitfalls of making the game the way they made it, and what’s coming down the pike in terms of new content and a sequel. They also offer some tips and a rare bit of insight into the ecology of a space zombie. No joke. Hume explains some stuff that I had no idea was going on in this game. The term “meaty goop” is involved.

If you don’t have Space Pirates and Zombies yet, I haven’t done my job very well (this review and this column didn’t convince you?). So here’s my last shot at redemption. Post in the comments section and I’ll pick two names to receive a Steam code for a free copy at 6pm on Wednesday, October 12.