Do Rage reviewers just wish they were playing Metro 2033?

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Someone who likes Rage apparently tweeted something to the effect that the negative reviews of Rage were just reviewers wishing they were playing Skyrim already. Or so I’ve been told, as I don’t really follow Twitter and if I did, I wouldn’t have that guy’s tweets on my twitlist.

And while I do wish Skyrim would hurry up and come out, what I hoped Rage would be is the following:

a game with powerful ideas about how weapons might look in a post-apocalypse, and how to make gunplay distinct, and how to turn corridors into realized worlds, and how lighting can matter, and how to create interesting bad guys out of familiar scraps.

Okay, maybe not all those things. One or two would have been nice. Metro 2033 managed to accomplish all of those things. In fact, I’d argue it does everything Rage failed to do, and it does it without the driving minigame filler.

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