To Victoria 2 or not to Victoria 2

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There’s nothing quite like an upcoming expansion to dissuade you from digging into a detailed strategy game like Victoria 2, even though it’s been getting steady updates lately. For instance, the January 24 release of the House Divided add-on, which doesn’t just add a more detailed American Civil War. From the first installment of the weekly developer updates:

…the main aim is to make the game better all round. We plan to improve politics, the economy, uncivilised nation’s path to reform and modernisation, warfare, the UI, game speed, and more!

Who wants to play Victoria 2 anymore without all that stuff? But if you wait for the January 24th add-on, you’re only a scant two weeks from the February 7th release of Crusader Kings 2. Oh, Paradox, you never make things easy, do you?