You can buy the rest of Gears of War 3 next month

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I suppose I’m resigned to the November 1 DLC for Gears of War 3 adding three new maps. I’ve still got plenty to do with the included maps, which I’m enjoying in horde mode and, to a lesser extent, in beast mode. Come November 1st, it might feel entirely reasonable to fork over another $10 to the company that sold three million copies in a week. That’s where we are today: $60 for a game with six maps, but $70 for a game with nine maps. If you don’t like it, be happy with the six maps and spend your $10 on something nice for the wife and kids.

But then I see that the DLC will extend the horde mode’s RPG system by letting you level up your defenses beyond the current limit. It will even add a command center.

A brand new type of fortification that allows you to call in fire support from sniper teams, mortar strikes and even multiple Hammers of Dawn.

Hey, I want that! I also want the new decoy upgrade, and the rockets for my silverback mech, which I think is that robot thing up there on the right. But shouldn’t I have gotten this stuff in the core game? Wasn’t horde mode supposed to be a complete package included with the game? Isn’t this a bit like buying a copy of Brink that stops your character at level 18, and then charges you $10 for levels 19 and 20?

I realize the battle for DLC is over. We’ve lost and publishers have won. It’s a bit late to complain about it, but I can’t help it. If we could hash it out again, I’d rail twice as loudly. Also, the South will rise again, Bush totally stole the 2000 election, and you can pry my laser disc player from my cold dead hands.