Sengoku is the bearer of bad tidings for middle aged gamers

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While reading the manual for Sengoku, Paradox’s latest strategy game, I came across some good news and some bad news. First the bad news. In the section on a character’s age statistic:

Death becomes more likely every year after age 40.

Way to cheer up your older demographic, Sengoku. Now the good news. Under the section on relationships and spouses:

In feudal Japan, men were not limited to one wife, so it is possible for your character to marry up to four women.

Sweet! Although that might explain the shorter life span. Also, way to pander to male gamers, Sengoku. History is so dude-based.

In Sengoku, a primary resource is your character’s honor, which is sort of like his mana, except that instead of casting fireballs, he spends it to do history stuff. Honor isn’t easy to come by. You can buy it by giving gifts to the Emperor in the form of your hard-earned cash, or you can buy it by handing out land to your vassals. Also, you can play as a devout Shintoist, which earns your character an honor income. Shintoists get honor, Buddhists get warrior monk reinforcements, and Christians get guns. Even feudal Japan had red states.

However, there is one more way to earn honor. Each province can build various types of manufactories for special bonuses. If you build a pottery manufactory, you earn honor. I have no idea what this is modeling, since my frame of reference for pottery manufactories is 1) that time my girlfriend dragged me to Color Me Mine, and 2) that canoodling scene in Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Probably not what the creators of Sengoku had in mind.