The Dead Island review that I almost could have written!

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I agree so much with the Gamespy review of Dead Island that I could have written it!

Well, most of it. I scratch my head at that bit in the intro about “enough to induce an instant state of catatonic pure terror”, which uses about four words too many to no good effect (the original text read “is scarier still”). But the bigger issue is that I wouldn’t have made a reference to Dead Island being “buggier than a decomposing zombie’s stomach cavity” and I wouldn’t have written that penultimate paragraph suggesting the game flat-out doesn’t work with a mouse and keyboard. I’ve personally logged upwards of fifty hours using a mouse and keyboard on four separate computers. My experience has been almost entirely free of bugs with any meaningful impact.

Furthermore, if I were reviewing Dead Island, I would totally give it five stars. But otherwise, great review, “Gamespy staff”!