Does Kirby Mass Attack presage a boom in psychotherapy?

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The above trailer for Kirby Mass Attack starts out innocently enough. At about the thirty second mark, I started to feel uneasy. A minute in, I was pretty sure I was watching something without quite understanding that it was dirty, like when you see a video of two people in animal costumes prancing around and then it gets a little weird, and before you know it, you’re dragged into an unwelcome new awareness of a fetish you didn’t even know existed. That’s how I’d describe the psychological journey I took watching so many little Kirby’s doing things I didn’t understand. Part of it is that Kirby himself is so weird. Ten Kirbys are ten times as weird. Ten Kirbys doing indeterminate things to various objects and creatures is exponentially weirder.

Kirby Mass Attack comes out next week.