September 5, 2011: wallet threat level red-red kroovy

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Welcome to the holidays. Your wallet is now officially under siege.

Dead Island is the only release this week that I’ve actually played for any meaningful length of time. The review is under embargo, but I think you know where I stand: in a puddle of blood, amid hacked-off zombie limbs, clutching one of those knives you use to cut down cane sugar, with a few of my friends at my side*.

But this week would still be a potentially dire wallet threat even if it weren’t for Techland’s zombie masterpiece. I really like the car-hopping conceit that Driver: San Francisco brings to multiplayer. Resistance 3 is out this week. Disgaea 4 (pictured). Space Marine. The Starfox remake for the Nintendo 3DS. The cute rock-rolling tower defense game Rock of Ages. The Xbox Live Arcade action RPG Crimson Alliance. Rise of Nightmares for your Kinect.

I’m sorry, I tried. I really tried. I tried to mention that last one with a straight face, but I just couldn’t.

* i.e. wandering away to look for loot, even though they know they’re just going to get jumped again