Dead Island: are you having a laugh?

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You learn to listen for zombies. The walkers are the more lugubrious zombie noises, although you never know when they’re going to show up. Sometimes they stir awake at your feet. The infected are the more shrill zombie noises. They’re just yelling, really. Just someone yelling and running directly at you. You can always hear them coming. They’re the opposite of a surprise. They’re all, like, “Hey, I’m way over here and I’m on way so I’m going to give you plenty of advance notice to prepare the weapon of your choice and even to throw it at me if you’re so inclined!” If you want to illustrate the Doppler effect for someone, just drive past one of the infected.

So I’m scrounging around the streets of Moresby — this game is so very Fallout 3 — when I hear a walker. He’s close. Really close. I check the bodies at my feet. No movement. I look around the corner. Nothing. I check for nearby non-fake doors. Nope, all fake. It seems to be coming from behind a truck. I look all around the truck. No. I check in the cab. Nothing. It seems to be coming from inside the truck…

Ah, I finally notice what kind of truck it is. Audio bug? Joke? Vignette? Whatever the case, I certainly enjoyed it.