Dead Island: can I get anyone a coffee?

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I hesitate to think how many energy drinks I’ve sucked down so far. On one hand, too many. I can only imagine how much sugar is in those things. On the other hand, not enough. At the point where I am in Dead Island, I’ve already died far more times than I’ve died in a Dead Rising game.

So when I came across the above lovely piece of machinery, I was disappointed that the “F” key didn’t actually do anything (note my depleted health bar in the upper left corner). If this was Duke Nukem Forever, you can bet the use key would actually do something at this point. Although, if this was Duke Nukem Forever, I’d be playing Duke Nukem Forever. Sometimes a useless espresso machine is a small price to pay.

Speaking of prices to pay, given the achievement I just earned in that screenshot, you’d think I’d be rolling in money. No such thing is happening. Managing your arsenal during a zombie apocalypse ain’t cheap.