Is something missing from Cladun x2?

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Above are some of the guys in the town hub for Cladun x2, the sequel to last year’s thoroughly charming and even more thoroughly addictive Cladun: This Is an RPG! They are, from left to right, Harry Potter, the Witchmaster General, and I think some guy from Marvel vs. Capcom. I can already tell I’m going to love Cladun x2, and it’s gratifying to see the new stuff emerge. I’m enjoying a series of “Ah, so they’re going to add that!” moments.

However, I have one very important question for those guys up there: Where’s Pudding? I can’t bear to think I’m going to play dozens of hours of this intricately configurable dungeon crawl without the first game’s brash but sympathetic heroine along for the ride.