In Space Pirates and Zombies, the title is a spoiler

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I love when I’m just bopping along, doing my job, trying out some cute little indie game I’ve heard about. And then, whoa, I’m suddenly playing what’s probably going to be one of my favorite games of the year!

Space Pirates and Zombies doesn’t fast forward beyond the apocalypse. You get front row seats when it happens. What begins as a sort of Star Control clone turns into a zombie game, which I wouldn’t tell you if the word “zombie” wasn’t already in the title. Besides, you can see the shift coming as you work your way towards that seemingly innocuous waypoint in the center of the galaxy. But it’s no less dramatic for being telegraphed this way, because Space Pirates and Zombies isn’t afraid to become a different kind of game once the dead walk the earth. Or, in this case, drift the stars.

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