Terraria: Sir Digsalot and the dungeon guardian

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Okay, it’s time to do some serious upgrading. Time to stock up on healing potions, grab a bed, and head back to the underground jungle. Time to explore the surface at night for fallen stars. Time to max out the health, get some mana going, and get some more great items. Because soon, it’s time to head to the Dungeon.

After the jump: it’s just a harmless old man, right?

As I’m exploring the underground jungle, I find a nice little accessory called Nature’s Gift. It allows me to respawn with max life and mana. That’s going to come in handy later, I bet.

I also find some nifty potions, like Thorns, which says “attackers also take damage.” I wonder if that works on bosses? The Gravitation potion “allows the control of gravity.” In other words, it lets me walk on the ceiling. Cool, but not terribly useful right now. That stuff is neat, but the real haul is, thanks to the merciless slaughter of scores of hornets and man-eaters, together with lots of spelunking, I have some good crafting materials. And a Band of Regeneration, which slowly refills my life. Too slowly.

97 stingers, 106 jungle roses, and 3 vines. And I only had to die in a godforsaken underground jungle three times! That’s enough loot to make the Thorn Chakrum, maybe the best boomerang-style weapon in the game. I can also make one of the best swords, the Blade of Grass.

Now I have a few really nice weapons, some good accessories, nearly max health, and a bit of mana, so it’s time to tackle the next big challenge: the dungeon. To gain entrance, I’ll have to fight a tough boss. It’s easy enough if you kind of game the system. So, I grab my bed to make a temporary spawn point, and set off to the left.

This is the Old Man. He guards the entrance to the dungeon, and when you talk to him during the day, he says to come back at night. Should you just pass him by, flying skulls will come out of the walls and end your life, fast. I happen to know what happens when you talk to him at night, so I’m going to prepare. Fist, I’ll go up to the roof of the dungeon entrance and make a little battle area.

Now we’re ready. I’ve made a spawn point and set myself to it, and flattened out all the crenelations on the roof. I’m all ready to fight the guardian of the dungeon. The sun is setting…just need to wait for nightfall, talk to the Old Man again, and…

Skeletron! Currently the toughest boss in the game, he’s got 5,000 health and pretty tough defense. But that’s okay. Sir Digsalot’s shadow armor and 30 healing potions should be enough to survive him. Even with my new sword and thorn chakrum boomerang weapon, it takes awhile to bring him down. The effort is worth it, though. Dungeons are full of great loot, and are fun to explore. There are spike traps and Dark Casters and chests with awesome items.

I pick up some more Hermes Boots (useless, but I’ll put them in a chest for trading or giving to friends), another Regeneration Band (effects stack!), the last heartstone I need to maximize my heath, and my personal favorite weapon in the game: the sword muramasa. Not only does it do a lot of damage, it’s super-fast, and unlike all other swords, it repeatedly swings when you just hold the mouse button down.

Sir Digsalot has now defeated all the boss monsters in Terraria (they’ll patch in more later, I’m sure), but there’s still more to do. I haven’t even been down to the deep layer full of lava flame imps, where the most precious hellstone and obsidian ore can be obtained. And of course, there’s always persistent online multiplayer servers, and downloadable challenge maps.

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