Terraria: Sir Digsalot the herbalist

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It’s time to experiment with potions! I have a fair number of herbs and flowers saved up from my travels. What’s more, I have some seeds. The list of potential potions in the wikiis enormous. If Sir Digsalot is going to have enough herbs to continue to make potions, he’ll need to work on his green thumb. So after turning clay blocks into pots and building a little ramshackle greenhouse, I’ve got a little herb garden going. I even put a glass roof on the house, just for kicks.

After the jump: welcome to the jungle

Glowing mushrooms won’t grow just in any old pot, though. They need to grow beneath the surface layer (where the background first changes). You build a little platform of mud, sprinkle your mushroom grass seeds on, and wait. The grass slowly spreads, so my little mushroom farm here will take a few hours to really get going.

Next, all I have to do is take some bottles to a pool of water to make bottled water, and haul all my ingredients back to the potion table. Look at all the wonderful drinks I can make. I’m a regular Tom Cruise in Cocktail, only not awful.

The next steps forward involve going either further underground – to where there’s lava – or to the underground jungle. Sir Digsalot is, dare I say it, tired of digging, so I’ll do the latter. The underground jungle used to be hard to find in older versions of Terraria, but now the new surface-level jungle biome is supposed to give you a good idea of where to dig. Sometimes, the underground jungle caves extend all the way to the surface. So I start running to the right.

Sure, the travel is kind of tedious, but it’s a good way to stock up on mushrooms, gel, and certain kinds of herbs that grow on the surface. Before I know it, I’m in the jungle.

The first gap in the ground I run into, I jump down. God, that lucky horseshoe is awesome. Sure enough, the gap leads to a cave that keeps going down, and down, and down, until I’m fighting off giant hornets in the underground jungle. The swarms of hornets aren’t too difficult, and the stingers they drop are valuable crafting materials. What you have to look out for, are the Man Eaters. They can only stretch so far, so you’re safe if you keep your distance, but they do a lot of damage. At this stage, they’ll tear me up in no time. And wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to bring along my temporary spawn point kit. Still, you want to murder those Man Eaters, because they sometimes drop vines, and vines are used in a couple of really nice crafting recipes.

What’s this? This gold chest is in its own little golden room! There has got to be something awesome in there.

Hmm…Anklet of the Wind, huh? Everyone likes running faster, but 10% doesn’t seem like a big deal. I wonder what’s in this other chest?

Magic mirror….hell yes! This, along with the grappling hook, is one of the most game-changing items you can find. Just use it, and for 20 mana, you’re whisked back to your spawn point. No committing suicide, or quitting and restarting the game, to avoid a really long walk back home. In fact, my inventory is pretty packed. I’m going to try it out right now.

Ah, home sweet tower. I’ll sell some things, drop some things into my chests, and head back to the underground jungle for some more killin’ and lootin’.

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