Shadows of the Damned can lead to great things

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You could describe the basic gameplay in Killer 7 as “half-assed shooter”. But the gameplay wasn’t the main draw, so who cares. Shadows of the Damned, the latest game from Killer 7 creator Goichi Suda, feels like what Killer 7 would be if it only consisted of its basic gameplay.

Killer 7 was full of interesting characters. So far, Shadows of the Damned only has one character and calling him interesting would be a stretch. That would suggest I actually know something about him. But I don’t. What’s with all his tattoos? What happened to his face? Where did he get his talking skull sidekick who can turn into a gun or a motorcycle? Am I supposed to hang fire playing this half-assed shooter while he doles out bits of backstory to the skull? And shouldn’t a talking skull who can turn into a gun or motorcylcle be less annoying? Why is Shadows of the Damned’s talking skull like some poorly written and half-heartedly voice acted Wheatley from Portal 2?

I don’t know whether Shadows of the Damned will end up going anywhere worthwhile, because after three acts of uninspired shootering, uninteresting characters, unimpressive graphics, and hit-or-miss-but-mostly-miss humor, I decided to play the game it wishes it was. And boy, does Bayonetta hold up.

2 stars
Xbox 360