Over Vergen? I’ll never get over Vergen?

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When I was asked to review The Witcher 2, I told my editor I’d be happy to, but that I hadn’t played the first game. I figured I just talked myself out of an assignment. It happens. But a few days after the game was out, he got back in touch with me and asked if I’d review it anyway.

That’s how I found myself dumped into a storyline that was as confusing as a Russian novel. So many places and people! So many names! I had just started reading Game of Thrones, and I had to put it on hold to keep my brain from exploding. By the time I finished The Witcher 2, I had figured out the storyline just fine. But no such thing happened with the layout of Vergen. That small but weirdly labyrinthine Dwarven town, where nearly a third of the game takes place, defied my comprehension until the very end.

And I used to think that undead city in World of Warcraft was bad.

As for the game itself, well…I’ll have more to say when the review is posted. Suffice to say, The Witcher 2 certainly made an impression on me.