May 23, 2011: wallet threat level brown

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Codemasters’ rally racing game Dirt 3 is out this week. The previous Dirt games, and Codemasters’ racing games in general, have all been excellent. And given how awful the drift events are in Need for Speed: Shift 2, I’m ready for something with a little slide that isn’t completely unmanageable.

Also out this week is a downloadable action RPG from Atari called Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, made by the creators of Scratch: the Ultimate DJ, which is mostly famous for a lawsuit against Activision’s DJ Hero. That description is a rollercoaster ride of expectations. “Downloadable action RPG”? Yes! Tell me more! “From Atari”? Oh. “Dungeons and Dragons license”? Hmm. Well. “From the creators of Scratch: the Ultimate DJ”? Uhh…

So, yeah, how about that Dirt 3?