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“Citronella Armor” is the name for the achievement you get when you complete a Swarm mission in Section 8: Prejudice without dying on Medium or Hard difficulty. You don’t actually get new armor, it unlocks some ammo type or something. I’m not too sure because I haven’t gotten it yet. Mainly because I’m trying to win missions and unlike some horde modes of recent games you can die an respawn as many times as you like.

After the jump, I don’t recommend dying repeatedly

Swarm is a microcosm of Section 8:Prejudice, namely the defense of a single Capture Point. AA turrets are unaccessible so the bad guys can drop in most anywhere, usually behind cover and then attack the CP from mulitple angles at the same time. Each wave gets harder with more enemies with better skills and equipment. You win by time running out and you lose by letting the capture point be, well, captured.

Swarm mode is a great place to start, especially if you set the difficulty to Easy. I’m about 50/50 on Medium and have never won a Hard Swarm round. It’s co-op, but you can have bots fill in open slots, and you will want bots. It’s almost impossible to defend against the numbers of enemies thrown at you without 4 players.

It also teaches you a few critical things about Section 8: Prejudice. You learn teamwork as lone wolves are useless in this mode. You learn the value of turrets as four guns is not nearly enough firepower. You learn that it’s more efficient to switch weapons to different ammo that’s gets bonuses to shields and armor, or even better have a buddy with compatible ammo types and hit ’em together. You learn to look up as you can see the reinforcements burn in seconds before they show up on your HUD or minimap. You learn the differences between long range and close quarters combat.

I’ve got one of my six custom loadout slots dedicated to swarm. My weapon of choice now a days is the assault rifle with the automation mod. Rail rounds to take out shields at range and then finish off the armor at close range with slug rounds. My backup weapon is a missile launcher with napalm missiles. It provides a nice area of effect and damage over time. You only need to worry about the occasional mech or bike when playing swarm so crash rounds are not recommended.

For equipment I take a trusty repair tool since keeping turrets online is the key to winning. My other equipment are the concussion detpacks. I haven’t gotten the Exterminator achievement for proximity packs yet, so I still have to manually trigger them but they’re good for protecting the flanks.

For armor upgrades I do maximum repair field that not only gives me a 48% boost in repair rate, but a 64% boost in shield and armor regeneration. Defensive buffs are good for swarm. The other six points I’ve spread around composite plating (armor), gyro stabilizer (accruacy and recoil), and lock-on extension. I’m not completely happy with those settings. Sometimes I think it’s better to max out the upgrades instead of having little bonuses spread over a variety of upgrades.

Public games aren’t too bad, but it seems like friends would allow for some real teamwork and communication, which can win a hard or even insane difficulty mission.

Up next, advance soldier!
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