Get your ticket to the Mars table in Pinball FX 2

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The new Mars table is out for Pinball FX 2. Well, “new” if you haven’t already been playing it for a year on the Playstation 3 as part of Zen Pinball. In terms of sci-fi tables, it’s not quite as lively as Earth Defense Force, but it’s got its own sexy near-future cool. You’ll discover fancy gravity tricks, a fat space shuttle that sits in the middle of the table when it lands (I’m playin’ here!) and occasionally deploys a robot arm, a satellite that literally orbits the table, a cute little spider robot helpfully retrieving your ball (am I the only one who remembers AMEE from that Val Kilmer Mars movie?), scanning beam missions, and a mysterious pyramid. And, of course, a weird face peering out at you. It wouldn’t be Mars without that face.

I like Mars for how hard it is to lose the ball. I think it’s safe to say this is the most generous Zen Studios table in terms of letting you play longer. Mars is the table for those of us averse to failure.

And courtesy of the folks at Zen Studios, we have two free codes for Mars. It’s an add-on to Pinball FX 2, so it won’t do you much good unless you already own the core game. Post in the comments section below and make sure you’ve entered your email in the sign-in box when you post. In 24 hours, I’ll draw two names from a virtual hat and the lucky winners will get Mars for free. The table, not the planet.