Patapon 3 review inspires literary work

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We don’t really do reader mail on this site because, frankly, we don’t get any reader mail. But when someone writes me some literature, I can’t resist sharing it. The following poem, titled “Your review is so garbage” was written by murut87, who shared it on 1up in response to my Patapon 3 review.

Your review is so garbage.

Oh man,here`s come Tom Chicken…..

Your review is so awful,i didn`t have problems on this game,really addictive game but you are worst.

The reason why we all hate your review:
Your review is so awful.
Your review are not-understandable.
Your review are so junk.
You not playing this game…..instead,you just watching….and then you review it suck.
Your rating a totally complete bullcrap.

Thats all i can say,your review are worst than my cat.

The only thing that would make this poem better is a picture of the aforementioned cat.