April 18, 2011: wallet threat level 8

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Section 8: Prejudice goes live this week on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s not much of a wallet threat, because it’s only $15*. But it is much of a wallet threat because Section 8 is so awesome. There’s plenty of new stuff in here to satisfy us Section 8 junkies, and plenty of core awesomeness to satisfy anyone who plays shooters. Graphics whores need not apply, but they’re probably still marveling at shiny things in Crysis 2 anyway.

You’re probably psyched for Portal 2, and you should be. It loses a little of the first game’s heart by going bigger, longer, and deeper. But Portal minus a little heart is still a fine game. Stay tuned here for a special guest and something not unlike a game diary.

Mortal Kombat: No Subtitle or Number Needed is also out this week. You’ve been playing the demo, right? Me either. SOCOM 4 goes live. The single player is nothing to write home about (“Dear Mother, other than the annoying stealth missions, it’s business as usual on the front — heavy scripting, bad story, unremarkable guns — but at least my teammates are competent.”). I do look forward to seeing how the multiplayer shakes out; developer Zipper Interactive’s last game, MAG, was a work of genius.

Get your heiny** to Mars in Pinball FX 2 this week. The Mars table is old news for folks who play Zen Pinball on the Playstation 3, but it’s a good table, with great sci-fi flavor and a forgiving layout. Next week, we get a whole new table with Sorcerer’s Lair. Paranormal — one of my favorite Zen Pinball tables — is due out “in the near future”.

Finally, Conduit 2 comes out if you’re that rare breed of shooter fan who only has a Wii. Why do you only have a Wii? Well, at least you’re finally getting a game with a proper multiplayer horde mode.

* do your own spacebuck math
** Pinball FX 2 is rated E for everyone