Tactics Ogre: frightened knight, sleeping warlock

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I’m in a huge battle to take the capitol city of Heim, using all of the skills and powers I’ve cultivated to this point, only to find I’m out gunned. Having a low level warlock, dragoon, and iron golem slowed my main character’s leveling progress. Because when a battle is won, all the XP is pooled and distributed. But not evenly! Low level units get the lion’s share.

It takes many battles to go from level 1 to 18, which is where most of my units are at this point. So for many battles my main troops would get a paltry 50xp while a level 7 Iron Golem would get 400xp and hit…level 8. Consequently, I’m now up against units that can (literally) bring the the judgment of God down on my head.

After the jump, ouch

This judgment of God attack would deal over 200 damage to the three units it hits, and only one of them would survive it. The attacker is a dark priest and a real terror on the field, as it happens.

All is not lost! My knight steps up as my main tank and healer. His skill with the one-handed sword and shield is unparalleled in my army. This makes him valuable for taking hits while his ability to use divine magic ensures his survival so he can heal other units.

Knights can purchase an incredible skill called phalanx once they earn a few levels. The skill system makes character customization shine. As you gain SP (skill points) from battles, you can spend these tokens on things ranging from higher avoidance, to resistance to magic, to new abilities (such as phalanx, pictured above), to augmented magic, to resistance to specific status effects.

But what really tipped the scales in this battle was my wizard. The spells at his disposal coupled with a new sorcerer’s robe and an enchanted magus staff have helped to give him a consistent 100% chance of every debuff. Petrification, stunning, slow, and shackle, to name a few. But let’s not forget charm. You name it, he does it. Some (petrification) work better than others. A shackled unit can move, but can’t take any actions. A petrified unit takes less damage and is almost immune to magic.

On this map, it’s important that we quickly take out the terror knights, dark armored tanks to the north. Not only are they hard to damage, but they have some horrifying abilities. Once they activate the terrifying presense skill, they inflict frightened status with their regular attacks. A frightened unit cowers on the field and has reduced attack (bad) and defense (worse).

Terror knights also perform lament of the dead. This is an area attack that not inflicts frightned status and deals dark magic damage. It’s tempting to field a terror knight in my main army, now that I think of it…

Anyway, worse still are the mages. I’m on the receiving end of all those great status debuffs my mage can cast. Oh, and there are the clerics who keep healing the terror knights. Thankfully, my warlock puts several units to sleep with a single balmy breeze spell.

Wrapping up a fight means spoils of war, which can include anything from handy consumables to brand new items, spells, and the assorted gear you can’t purchase from any shops. You’ll also earn that XP pool which will be divided as needed, and the SP pool, which is always divided evenly for all participating units!

And that’s it! Time to spend skill points, equip new items, and learn new magic. Then off to the next battle!

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BleedTheFreak (aka Scott Lufkin) currently lives in Iowa with his wife, two children, and a beloved PC.