How many zombies are on Dead Island?

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The above screenshot from Dead Island looks great when it comes to rendering a wide-open Caribbean paradise with an incredibly long viewing distance. But at what price? Count the zombies in that screenshot. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Oh, you’re done already. That didn’t take very long, did it?

The Chrome engine used in Dead Island can certainly do terrain (see the ATV racing game Nail’d), but I’m guessing hordes of zombies aren’t on the menu. And with a view distance like that, wouldn’t you be able to see the zombies in the distance, even if they were in manageable packets of five or six at a time? Or will this be like an MMO, where creatures fade into the middle distance as you get closer? I don’t mean to be too hard on Dead Island. But given that the problem was solved so beautifully in the Dead Rising games, and given that shambling hordes are a core value of zombie mythology, I wonder if a year from now we’ll remember Dead Island as a trailer instead of a game.