In Homefront, Boone’s dead, baby. Boone’s dead.

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I’ve already talked a bit about the multiplayer in Homefront here and here, mainly in relation to the excellent multiplayer in Killzone 3. But what about the rest of the game?

Oh no, something’s blowing up and I’m being blown up, but I’m rescued and, oh god, the younglings have obviously been murdered even though you can’t show it, and now someone is blowing our cover because he’s screaming insanely at the horrible grimness of it all…Now I’m hiding under a body — well, waiting for the in-game cutscene of me hiding under a body to finish, at any rate — and now Boone is dead, and… Wait, who? Who’s Boone? I wasn’t really paying attention. Boone from Lost? Why is that news? That was, like, season two.

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