Daily Little Big Planet 2: more weight

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To counter yesterday’s annoyance at spelling sloppiness (which seems to have since been remedied), I just want to say that I find some of the level descriptions designers use to be absolutely charming. Especially when the interesting word usements they structure are obviously the cause of language barriers, and not laziness. Today’s example:

There is no reason. Crush a lot of Sackboys of favorite mischief with the weight. Crush! Crush!

I not only find that endearing, I’m a bit touched that the level designer has bothered to translate the level description into English. Not all designers do this, and that’s fine, but I like it when they try. It’s a nice touch. Does this say something about who is playing the game? Or is it merely a comment on the fact that most of us who speak English in the U.S.A. can’t be bothered to learn other languages. I don’t know, I just like it.

Crushes Sack!! is the level in question today. I felt a little guilty about what I was doing at first, dropping huge weights on the little sack creatures below me. The fact was, however, they were shooting at me, so I had to crush them. Why were they shooting at me? There is no reason.