Big Huge Games is back with a game that looks familiar

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Big Huge Games has risen from the ashes! Take heart gamers. This isn’t just some zombie holding company resurrection that cynically repackages old franchises for mobile gaming. They’re going to make new games that repackage old franchises for mobile gaming. Longtime designers Brian Reynolds and Tim Train purchased the Big Huge Games company name back from the 38 Studios bankruptcy liquidation and has partnered up with Nexon to publish their brand new strategy title! Since they don’t actually own the Rise of Nations name, they’re calling this DomiNations. It’s a free-to-play strategy game that lets players start a civilization in the Stone Age and work their way through time to the Space Age. CEO Brian Reynolds is positive DomiNations builds on the good work he did back in the old days.

“We’re honored to continue the legacy of Big Huge Games, which we founded on the concept of making fun, beautiful and innovative gameplay experiences on mobile devices.”

DomiNations will launch on iOS and Android systems next year.