Anatomy of a League of Legends ban

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Next time you hear or read “fag-this” or “nigger-that” in an online game, don’t just ignore it. Most games or online communities have some provision for reporting that stuff. Use it. Or even use it if someone’s being disruptive in a less provocative way. And lest you think nothing comes of reporting people, consider this awesome thread on the League of Legends forum.

Pendragon, the community manager for Riot Games, asked for five people who’d been temporarily banned to volunteer their names, at which point he would detail exactly why they’d been banned. He had no shortage of volunteers, and there’s no shortage of discussion following the explanations, which comprise the five posts after the initial request. It’s an intriguing way to look at what you’re not allowed to do in the game.

I’m glad to see racist language and intentionally sabotaging games are bannable offenses. At first I was taken aback that you’re not supposed to draw smiley faces using Teemo’s mushrooms, but that does fall under the category of griefing the other nine players instead of actually playing the game. Fair enough. If you want to make artwork, do it during a custom game!

League of Legends is notorious for its unfriendly player community. Not to say you won’t find friendly people. You will. Most of the time. But when it comes to jerks making themselves heard, League of Legends is right up there with the worst of them, like Halo, Call of Duty, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m glad to see Riot Games doesn’t just take a laissez-faire attitude about the whole thing.

(Thanks to Rob Zacny!)