Daily Little Big Planet 2: and it burns burns burns

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Today’s level is called The Burning Wheel. You bounce on bounce pads in a wheel as the wheel gets faster and the pads turn to hot flaming coals and it’s really fun and–

Oh poop. I’m totally annoyed. Nothing against The Burning Wheel. It’s fine. Neat. Nifty. Bouncy. Fine. Thing is, I didn’t want to feature it today. I wanted to feature this sweet little twin-stick shooter I discovered today. It is so cool. I played it over and over again because it’s got this great mix of Asteroids and something that reminds me of Boom Blox. What’s more, I had a slightly obscure quote from a certain space opera I was going to use as the headline. I was so excited to share it with all of you. The level, not the quote. Okay, both.

But something nagged at me. These visuals…they looked familiar. So, I went looking through previous dailies and found that Tom had already posted about this level weeks ago. Crap monkeys. I’m such a dork. Oh well. I learned two things.

1. Pay attention to your friend when he recommends something.
2. All those times Tom made me play Geometry Wars really paid off.

Sigh. You’re okay Burning Wheel, but you’re no Blast Radius.