March 7, 2011: wallet threat level flecks of red

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Most of the games out this week are RPGs that require significant commitments. Dragon Age II (pictured above, sporting the two Bs that are apparently crucial to a Dragon Age game) focuses the action on a smaller geographic space, but over a wider timeline. Expect to spend a lot of time in a city called Kirkwall. A lot of time.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White for the Nintendo DS and a PSP port of Phantom Brave are no trifling matters either. Phantom Brave is now saddled with the subtitle “The Hermuda Triangle”. Get it?* It’s a good SRPG grindfest, but it’s no Z.H.P. or even Disgaea. The twist in Phantom Brave is that your characters are phantoms temporarily summoned into inanimate objects during battles. After a number of turns, the summoning wears off, leaving you with an inanimate object again. I always thought it was an odd design decision to restrict how long each of your characters can stay in a battle. Whee, my awesome mage is kicking ass and taking names and — oh, now she has to leave. It’s downright rude, like walking out of a movie or leaving dinner before dessert is served.

Also, now that baseball season is starting up, you can hit the courts in 2K’s Major League Baseball 2K11 and Sony’s MLB 11: The Show. If Sony and 2K can do it, I don’t understand why other sports videogames can’t share a franchise. It’s downright rude, like not sharing your toys.

* Me either.