Gone fishin’

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I’ll be at GDC for the rest of the week, so there will probably be a conspicuous absence of me from the front page while I’m getting my head filled with crazy ideas from various game developers. There are about a dozen sessions I’m really psyched to attend, including Hidetaka Suehiro explaining what the heck was up with Deadly Premonition, Clint Hocking on “dynamics” (berets optional), and David Braben looking back at Elite, which invented open-world games long before they were ready to be invented. I’ll also be moderating a panel consisting of Soren Johnson, Jon Shafer, Dustin Browder, and Ian Fischer talking about the future of strategy games. But I have to say I’m most eager to hear Emily Ridgway talk about her work on Bioshock and Brutal Legend, two of my favorite games of all time. Of all time! Ms. Ridgway’s work in sound design and music is sublime.

But as soon as I get back, I intend to hold forth some more about Rift and Killzone 3. You have been warned. Plus, I have a bone to pick with Capcom.