Daily Little Big Planet 2: nothing routine

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Not really much to say here. I just got addicted to Moon Lander 2, today’s level. Another level suggested by choosing the Mm Picks option. It’s so simple, yet so freaking frustrating…in just the right way. If you ever loved Lunar Lander, you’ll probably get what I mean by that. There’s a nifty gambling sensibility to the scoring here that I grew to love in a goofy giggling way, but mostly I just loved the navigating. And the utterly addictive music. I’ve heard this piece before in these levels, so I imagine it’s one of the stock pieces they make available to level designers. A bit of digging reveals it’s called “Rock Your Body Rock” by Ferry Corsten. I wish more of an effort was made to credit and highlight the music makers here. I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place. Whatever, I’m addicted to this level and this music is a big reason why.

Also, I just want to tell you that many Moon Landers died to bring you that screenshot.