Daily Little Big Planet 2: nothing but net

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Thanks to one of my new favorite levels in Little Big Planet 2, I finally understand sports.

After the jump, I rock the gridiron

If I’d known that basketball has two jump pads that propel you into the air so that if you let go of the ball (release the R1 button) it will fly into the hoop, I’d have long ago headed out into my neighborhood arenas to join some of the boys for pick-me-up games. In the first story world in Little Big Planet 2, you’ll unlock a basketball game for up to four Sack Folks at a time. Every hoop is worth 100 points, which explains why scores are so high in real basketball. It also makes me wonder why anyone would ever bother with a 3-point line, but I guess that’s a prestige thing.

Above is a picture of me in my first game, which I joined in progress with three other Sack Folks, none of whom would let me have the ball. Jerks. I figured the best course of action was to stand under the hoop, pout (down on the d-pad), and take screenshots. You apparently don’t get any points for that.

For my next game, I brought along my friend Christien “Dingus” Murawski, who fancies himself something of a basketballist in the real world. You’d never know based on how badly he lost our match. A great thing you can do in Little Big Planet 2 basketball is grab the other dude and throw him. I don’t know if they have that in actual basketball, but it adds a lot to the gameplay. The International Basketball Association Foundation (IBAF) should consider adding that.

I played my third game with my friend Stefan “Desslock” Janicki, who’s Canadian and therefore doesn’t understand sports that don’t involve hockey pucks. I forgot who won that game because there were two other dudes in the match who wouldn’t let me have the ball. Jerks.

So at this point, I’m batting three thousand!

Also, it looks like some of the guys at Infinity World are making Little Big Planet levels now.