Ten things you should know about multiplayer in Killzone 3

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The multiplayer in Killzone 3 is just like real life in that you arrive pretty much naked, you will be confused early and often, and everyone else will have better stuff than you. I can’t help you with real life. But I can help you with Killzone 3.

After the jump, ten things you should know going into Killzone 3’s multiplayer

10) Your gun sucks. And you don’t have much ammo. So you’ll probably want to unlock a better gun and/or a secondary gun soon. Even then, keep track of the nearest ammo resupply box, because there aren’t any engineers running around flinging ammo boxes at you.

9) You know that guy who keeps appearing out of nowhere and stabbing you in the face? He could be an infiltrator. His primarily ability is a disguise that means he looks like one of your teammates, much like the spy in Team Fotress 2. However, unlike the spy in Team Fortress 2, you don’t have to run around shooting willy nilly to out him. Just check teammates with your reticule. It’ll turn red if the target is a disguised infiltrator. Shoot him.

8) Tacticians, for Pete’s sake, do your jobs! You are the only dudes who can capture the spawn points on the map. You control the flow of battle. There will be HUD indicators on your screen for every spawn point. Please make sure they’re green and not white, and certainly not red. You capture these spawn points by simply showing up and standing next to them. Please do so.

7) And by the way, those spawn points aren’t just spawn points! They’re also where you get cool stuff like the mech and the mortar beacon. Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you about how I got six kills with a mortar beacon.

6) Also, you tacticians might be puzzled about your special abilities (and by “some of you tacticians”, I mean “me”). Pushing left on the d-pad triggers an ability that shows all enemies everywhere, but only to you. Pushing right on the d-pad equips a beacon you can throw that will show enemies without a 30 meter radius, but for all your teammates as well. Please use these.

(Ed. note: Tom sucks so bad as a tactician in Killzone 3 that he got that bit wrong. The beacon you get by pushing right on the d-pad actually summons a sentry bot.)

5) Sometimes you’ll be playing and your radar minimap will fuzz out and you’ll be all, like, “Whoa, who’s jamming me?” This means you’re within 15 meters of a dirty no-good sniper who has maxxed out his secondary ability. Please find him and kill him. Keep in mind he might be cloaked.

4) Would more of you please be medics? I suck at this game, so that’s like free xp for all the times you’ll get to rez me. Unfortunately, no one expects a medic and the respawn timer is only a few seconds, so you’ll have to be quick on the draw.

3) You might think the Helghast faction is at a disadvantage since they have glowing red eyes to help enemies line up perfect headshots to the face. But their advantage is that Ray Winstone tells them what to do. Yeah, that’s right. Ray Winstone. Who seems to have enjoyed a lager or two before the recording session. In other words, as awesomely British a commander as you could ever hope to hear.

2) One of the victory exclamation sounds like, “We kicked their asses all the way to Paris!”. But no such thing has happened. Instead, there’s apparently someplace called Pyrrhus in the Killzone universe. It doesn’t have an Eiffel Tower, a Louvre, or Jean Reno. In fact, based on the parts of the story I stayed awake for in the single player campaign, it doesn’t have much of anything because I think it got nuked or something?

1) I’m sure you saw the “botzone” option when you were picking multiplayer. Play this. It will let you figure out the maps without letting your team down because you ran the wrong way. It will also let you play with all the unlocks so you can make an informed choice when spending your unlock points. Because, as near as I can tell, there is no option to respec.

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