DC Universe reveals what Batman’s hiding in there

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The latest update for DC Universe Online adds a whole mess of fixes and new content, including an extension of the Batcave raid that takes you from the outer defenses into the inner sanctum. I assume that’s where Batman stashes his porn, but I won’t know for a while. The Batcave raids are uber high level content, as I discovered when I stumbled into the outer caves thinking they were a solo mission. “Oh, look, it’s one robot. How hard can that–BZZT–ZAP–CRACKLE–Respawn at rally point?“. I later noticed in the overflowing journal that DC Universe warns you off the Batcave until you’ve gotten advanced gear.

But for us more mere mortals, there’s still a bunch of new stuff. More outfit styles, an auction house, a Bane mission for two players, and some sort of holiday themed Valentine’s Day stuff that was probably supposed to be out a few weeks ago.

Also, Catwoman races and missions! The Catwoman stuff gives DC Universe a chance to flex more of its voice acting. This is an amazing cast for the range of actors. On one hand, you’ve got Mark Hamill’s canny Joker, which many of you associate with some sort of Batman cartoon, but I know from the fantastic Arkham Asylum game. On the other hand, you’ve got Michelle Forbes’ cringe-worthy Circe. I’ve really liked Miss Forbes since seeing her in Kalifornia and she’s got a lovely voice. But when I hear her doing the Circe dialog, I just want to say, “Oh honey, no…”

Somewhere in between, but leaning towards Hamill’s side of the spectrum, is Adrienne Barbeau’s mellifluous Catwoman. Every husky catch in her throat puts me in mind of my adolescence, when John Carpenter subjected her and her decolletage to various horrors. In fact, I often forget she was actually in Escape from New York, because whenever she was onscreen, it was like I was suddenly watching a different movie. A movie very confusing to me at that age.

Uh. Anyway, where was I? Something about an MMO, I think…

Here’s the complete list of new stuff in the DC Universe Online update.