Another hardcore PC gamer falls for Little Big Planet

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I hate (i.e. love) to out my friends, but I have to share this message I just got over the Playstation Network from someone who shall remain anonymous because he’s normally a bigshot RPG writer who specializes in PC games.

dude — if you still have LBP 1 would you mind hoping on for a sec and “hearting” me as a player? I literally need just one more heart for the platinum trophy. Yes, I have become “that guy”

I happily complied by loading up Little Big Planet, giving him a heart, and then admiring his platinum trophy.

In not necessarily but possibly related news, congratulations to Stefan “Desslock” Janicki for his first platinum trophy on the Playstation Network. It wasn’t that long ago that Stefan, a longtime champion of hardcore PRGs on the PC, derided console systems as the platform of “magic mushroom games”. Now he’s the proud owner of the platinum trophy for 100% completion of Little Big Planet.

Sony’s trophy system is wonderful for how it recognizes the relative difficulty of different achievements by awarding trophies of different colors. I’ve got plenty of bronze and silver trophies, and even a few golds. But as a guy who has no platinum trophies and a predilection for the Xbox 360 controller, I have a lot of respect for those of you who’ve reached for the platinum.