A Valley Without Wind is a world without end

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Arcen Games’ Chris Park (i.e. the dude who made AI War and published Tidalis) has posted an extensive update on his next game, A Valley Without Wind. It’s mainly a bunch of technical stuff, but it’ll give you a sense for how the game is coming. To get really excited about A Valley Without Wind, here’s the product page.

Park has a penchant for long explanations, which are great for those of us already sold on his games. I love his patch notes for AI War, for instance. But he needs a more concise sales pitches for the uninitiated than that entire page. For instance, the answer to “What is A Valley Without Wind?” should be “a procedurally generated infinite open-world post-apocalyptic fantasy survival RPG with permadeath from the guy who made AI War”. Or, to put it in less wonky terms, Din’s Curse meets Minecraft.

The current schedule is to make an open alpha available to the public next month, with a final release later in the year.