Mortal Kombat’s anatomy of a fatality

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This Playstation blog entry for the upcoming Mortal Kombat game is mostly one of those self-serving “Hey, look at what a collaborative team we are even though we keep pointing out that Ed Boon is in charge!” write-ups. Here’s how they come up with new fatalities at the studio that used to be Midway:

Inspiration can come from anywhere — gruesome murder news stories, old horror movies, and actual nightmares have spawned more than a few of our most disturbing fatalities. There is a usually a lot of “You know what would be cool…” and “What if…” The designers pantomime many of the motions for that fatality and the reaction of the other team members in the room determine whether a fatality is good enough for inclusion in the game. Ideas with the strongest team reactions are the ones we all build on and polish into a final concept. Ed then goes on to storyboard each fatality for the motion-capture session.

I’d love to be at one of those pantomime meetings, watching the dev team act out fighting moves. I imagine they’d make Ghyslain Raza look like a rank amateur.

By the way, the pre-order incentive for the April 19 M-rated reboot is that you get a code that lets you watch fatality videos before the game comes out. The Mortal Kombat series is kind of a joke these days, and fatalities are the punch line.