Daily Little Big Planet 2: sackbot revisited

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Community level designers in LBP2 can give details about the level in a little text bubble that appears as the level loads. Some folks take advantage of this by begging you to heart their level. Some folks simply describe what the player can expect, in whatever language. Some folks apologize:

Hello ! This is my first level so there are maybe some problems and it is maybe short but, please, be cool :] [Minimum 2 players]

I’m usually not a fan of artists opening with apologies. The thing about these community levels that I haven’t really mentioned before, though, is that they are all works in progress. Perpetually. It took me awhile to get hip to this. Having been burned by the Special Editions(tm), I’m not crazy about revisionist artistry. But here I’ve come to respect it, and even find my interest piqued by it. A couple of designers whose levels I’ve featured in Daily Little Big Planet 2 have contacted me to let me know they’ve tweaked the level and have asked me to give it another go. One time, as I was trying to figure out how to upload extra pictures, I saw a screen of the revisions one designer had been making to a level. It showed revisions leading up to a moment three minutes before. That designer was still working on the level and I’d finished with it hours before.

The community world in LBP2 is far more alive than I initially realized. There is fluidity here, and I find this exciting. The above quote, appearing in the details for the level It ‘s everyone destiny, is a perfect example of this. I find this level mesmerizing. It’s mysterious, and it’s got atmosphere–partly because of the haunting music–and because of that the fact that I’ve gotten stuck doesn’t bother me. The designer admits there are glitches here in the opening tags and in the above text. Cool. I like where you’re going…I’ll come back and give you more chances. Especially since I only now noticed, after playing your level a few times, that it requires more people than just me. My bad. Regardless, props for being honest about where you are.