Daily Little Big Planet 2: mouse issues

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After yesterday’s somewhat harrowing helicopter ride, it was a relief to discover that today I got to ride a mouse. I think my sackbot is much more geared for mouse riding anyway, especially with mice as agreeable as those in this day’s level, Mousehole.

One of the joys of playing these community levels without having played the actual game itself so much is the discovery. Even when I get frustrated with a level design I find I’m only a little ways away from feeling a sense of wonder. I started this level and saw these mice floating at the top of the screen, right under me. They all had triangles over their heads, and I assumed this meant they had something to say to me so I ignored them and fell to the bottom of the screen. I couldn’t do much down there but be chased by a scrapbooky cat. I started over and this time pressed the triangle only to discover that this was not to get the mice to speak, but to activate them for riding. Now I could scoot all over the level, avoid the cat more easily (pictured), and even have the opportunity to drop into another level called Mousehole Reloaded (yes, there is also Mousehold Revolutions) where I could ride my mouse over to a jukebox and choose my tunes for the extra level.

The other side of not knowing what I’m doing is that I’m often confused by objects in these worlds. The prompt to drop grabinators and controlinators and otherinators always furrows my brow. Am I supposed to drop the object? What if I don’t? Is the game just being polite by giving me the option, or trying to tell me something? Am I being rude if I want to hold onto my grappling hook? Because that gives me comfort.

I suppose if I played more of the story I’d get a better understanding of these issues. I’ll get around to it. The discovery phase is too great to worry about that right now.