Update of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 update

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Last week, Atari said they would implement fixes for Test Drive Unlimited 2’s clubhouses, a cornerstone of the game’s social advancement, on Monday evening. Which they did. Briefly.

Earlier today we made an attempt to bring Club functionality online, but due to a new issue being discovered, we took it down immediately to get things fixed. At this time we don’t have an exact ETA of when Clubs will become available, though its a top priority and we’re working to get them back into the game ASAP.

The short version: “Never mind.”

Furthermore, the multiplayer races are still borked. I find it hard to believe that when I choose the blanket overall option to join a multiplayer match, there simply isn’t one. Seriously? There isn’t a single multiplayer match you can put me into? The game has been out a week and I’ve been unable to play it multiplayer, either as a head-to-head race or in one of the nifty cooperative modes that I’ll supposedly be doing with the other members of my club once the padlocks are taken off the clubhouse.

I love what this game is trying to do. I look forward to some indeterminate point in the future when it actually does it.