February 14, 2011: wallet threat level green

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Hey, look, it’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (pictured?). Which, yep, is another fighting game. What sets this one apart from other fighting games is that, uh, it’s more colorful? I’m actually not sure. I’m going to have to consult with an expert. Meanwhile, I intend to keep mashing buttons until I actually like it.

Also out this week are two (2) games that are fifteen (15) years old, but available for the first (1st) time on a handheld system. Dragon Quest VI: First Time in America is a reissue of a Dragon Quest game for the Nintendo DS. The twist in this Dragon Quest game is that it was only released in Japan. Tactics Ogre: Never Let Me Go is an updated remake of Tactics Ogre. I’m sure they’re both great, because a game’s got to be pretty good to convince a publisher it’s still worth selling fifteen years later.