DC Universe fashion nightmares come to life

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That’s my character in DC Universe Online. She looks that way because I tailored her to look that way. Nice and normal and unassuming. But don’t be fooled. She’s decked out in fancy gear. Being in the endgame, I’m even grinding for specific bits of gear, which seem to come at the rate of about one piece every week or so if I log in to play a few instances every day or so.

(Psst, Sony, can you hurry up with the new content due this week?)

But every bit of gear you find belongs to a specific costume set and therefore has a specific look, usually outrageous. So what does a character look like when you don’t carefully monitor your style? What if you left your appearance up to the game?

After the jump, yikes.

Here’s how my character looks in her PvP gear:

Here’s how my character looks in her PvE gear:

I hope I don’t sound superficial if I say that I would have a lot less interest in DC Universe if I had to wear what I was, you know, actually wearing.